The Closer Plan of Discipleship

Our Spiritual Growth Model

"Moving Closer to Jesus"

Why do we need a plan?

After surrendering to Jesus, nothing is more important than drawing closer to Him. But many struggle to know what that looks like, and they end up stalled or drifting away in their faith.

As a result, we believe it's important to clearly know what it looks like to be and grow as a disciple of Jesus here at Second.

What's the Plan?

Our Discipleship Plan is a 3-fold strategy aimed to meet you where you are spiritually and culturally. We know times have changed, and we need a biblical model that adapts to life in the 21st century. That’s why we’ve adopted the "Closer Plan of Discipleship." This diagram provides a snap shot of this plan.

How does the plan work?

Every active attender is urged to participate regularly in three strategically designed groups modeled after Jesus’ example. Jesus was part of a crowd (the multitudes), a cluster (the 12), and a core (Peter, James & John). As you actively stay committed to these rings of people, you will draw closer to Jesus and each other in Christian community. The following is a deeper look at how each group is designed with specific targets in mind.

The Crowd

Cluster Groups

Core Groups

The Crowd

The crowd is targeted to bring the entire church together weekly on Sunday mornings. The aim is to inspire worship, unity, and action through Spirit-filled preaching, music, prayers, and more.

Cluster Groups

Cluster Groups are about 5-15 people in size and meet weekly. They aim to build up your spiritual knowledge through biblical instruction in Christian community. Multiple groups are offered based on subjects.

Core Groups

Core Groups are 3-4 people that meet once a month for one year. These groups address the need for deep, authentic connection. Each group is closed and meets off campus at restaurants, homes, parks, etc.

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