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How can I become a member at Second?

What is Church Membership?

We all have a desire to belong to a community that shares in our common beliefs. God has created and directed believers to associate with other Christ-minded individuals. That's why church membership is important. It helps you identify and commit to a group of people who share in your biblical convictions and walk with you toward spiritual growth.

Church membership is different than joining a club or community organization. When you commit to a church, you're agreeing to partner in their eternal mission. That's why it's critical to KNOW the people, their doctrine, and the mission of the church you're considering to join.

In response to that, we offer a one-time membership class called "Second Look." The class meets on-campus every second Sunday of the month at 9:15 AM in Room WC119. Second Look is designed to provide you an overview of the church and give you an outlet to ask questions. This gathering aims to inform you better about who we are, as well as to help you connect with other individuals seeking membership at Second.

If you're sensing God drawing you to learn more about joining our fellowship of believers, let us know by completing the form below. Lord willing, we pray you will join the movement of moving closer to Jesus and His people gathered here at Second!

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